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14 February 2024

Newsletter: Rollout Secure Chain in full swing

More and more import containers from Latin America are being handled securely and reliably in Rotterdam via the Secure Chain. Of course, all relevant parties in the logistics chain need to familiarise themselves with this new operational approach that renders PIN codes obsolete. For the most part, the introduction is running smoothly though. Companies understand […]


12 February 2024

MSC: ‘The Secure Chain is the new, reliable standard’

As a market leader, shipping line MSC is expeditiously working on the introduction of the Secure Chain in Rotterdam. “Security is an aspect on which no party in the logistics chain should want to compete or make concessions. The Secure Chain offers a clear solution that functions identically for all parties involved. PIN codes will become a thing of the past.”


31 January 2024

Container terminals in Rotterdam to commence verification operating carrier – Five major terminal operators in the port of Rotterdam will check at the gate whether the inland operator that comes to collect a container – the operating carrier – matches the inland operator as specified in the digital pre-notification via the Port Community System of Portbase. This automatic verification is performed by comparing the […]


24 January 2024

All container cargo from Latin America released without PIN via the Secure Chain as of March 31 – As of the 31st of March 2024, shipping lines/ship agents will securely and reliably release all import containers arriving in the port of Rotterdam from Latin America without a PIN code via the Secure Chain. Any link in the logistics chain that is not ready for this in time will not be able to […]


11 January 2024

TAR/RCI obligation for road transport – We would like to inform you that the use of the TAR/RCI number will become mandatory on the ECT Delta and the ECT Euromax terminal by March 2024 at the latest. Without a correct TAR/RCI, you or your driver cannot enter the terminal. What does this obligation entail? At this time, TAR/RCI can […]


27 November 2023

Port logistics sector joins forces in Secure Chain – A more secure and reliable collection and release of import containers in the Dutch ports. To make this possible, the business community and the authorities have jointly initiated the Secure Chain. The Secure Chain will first be introduced in Rotterdam. Every link in the logistics chain has a role to play in the […]


10 November 2023

Implementation of Secure Chain in full swing – The Secure Chain is a new digital import container release process. This is because the existing container import process no longer meets the desired standards for physical and digital security. After a successful practical test, work is now in full swing on implementation. The Secure Chain has been developed for shipping lines/shipagents, shippers, […]

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