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Software supplier

You help your customers with API interfaces

To ensure that the Secure Chain runs smoothly, it is very important that larger logistics parties have the correct API interfaces at their disposal. This makes it possible for the data exchange with the required Portbase services to take place automatically.

As a software supplier, will you see to it that your customers have the required API interfaces as soon as possible? This enables your customers to easily and efficiently participate in the Secure Chain without the need for any manual actions.

Available API interfaces

API Cargo Controller

The API Cargo Controller allows shippers, forwarders and logistics service providers to automatically receive the releases of import containers and to also transfer these to the subsequent link. To facilitate this, Portbase has expanded the existing API. Full information about the API Cargo Controller is available on the website of Portbase.

Software suppliers take note!  
Many shippers, forwarders and logistics service providers will start using Portbase for the first time due to the Secure Chain. This presents new market opportunities.

API Hinterland Container Notification

To facilitate participation in the Secure Chain, Portbase has expanded the existing API for Hinterland Container Notification for hinterland inland operators. This expanded API makes it possible to reuse data in the pre-notification. The inland operator can also transfer the authorisation to collect a container (if required) to another inland operator via the API. Full details are available on the website of Portbase.

The benefits at a glance

Benefits for the software supplier

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