Shipping line/ship agent - Vertrouwensketen

Shipping line/ship agent

The Secure Chain starts with you

In the Secure Chain, you digitally send the release for an import container to your customer (the so-called release-to-party): usually the shipper or the forwarder/logistics service provider. You do this via the Port Community System of Portbase. The customer will no longer receive a PIN code from you.

The Secure Chain does not affect any other aspects of the data exchange. You continue to inform your customer in the usual manner about demurrage & detention, the return address for empty containers, the return reference, the terms & conditions, etc.

In your capacity as the shipping line/ship agent, it is up to you to set the Secure Chain in motion; you do so in consultation with the terminal(s) you call at. A phased and controlled rollout allows you to achieve a smooth introduction.

Actions required on your part beforehand

Before you are ready to start operating via the Secure Chain as a shipping line/ship agent, you must do the following:

Expand Portbase service Cargo Declaration Import

To digitally provide your customers (the so-called release-to-parties) with the release, you need to expand your existing service Cargo Declaration Import in consultation with Portbase.

Inform your customers

Your customers and their underlying chains also need to prepare for the Secure Chain. In order to receive the release for import containers from you, your customer must sign up for the Portbase service Cargo Controller or Cargo Release Manager. In addition, they in turn also need to inform the subsequent link in the chain about working in the Secure Chain.

Activate the Secure Chain

As soon as your customer and their underlying chain are ready for the Secure Chain, they will notify you of this. For this, the customer enters their customer code in Cargo Controller or Cargo Release Manager. By means of this code, which you previously supplied to the customer, they activate the Secure Chain. From that moment on, you can start to release import containers and arrange their collection at the terminal for this customer using the new, secure approach.  

The benefits at a glance

Benefits for the shipping line/ship agent

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