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The reason why

Together for security and reliability

Through the Secure Chain, the Dutch logistics chains are increasing their resilience to unwanted external influences. Security and reliability are boosted, cargo and employees can be better protected.

No party in the logistics chain can do this alone. Collaboration and data exchange are essential in the sector. Especially when importing containers, data and cargo move from link to link. And this in particular is what makes logistics vulnerable and requires a different operational approach.

For this reason, the decision has been taken to introduce a new release and collection process. Only authorised parties are able to share ‘need-to-know’ data with one another. By means of the Secure Chain, the logistics sector is elevating security and reliability throughout the entire chain to a higher level. 

Stronger together

Branch organisations and interest groups from the entire logistics sector work together in the Secure Chain. Government bodies, port authorities and other relevant organisations also support the initiative. For the implementation of the Secure Chain, Portbase has been requested to develop an additional authorisation layer on top of the existing services in the Port Community System of the Dutch ports.

The Secure Chain makes the logistics chain more secure and reliable. Cargo and employees are better protected, which also positively impacts the logistics itself and makes the Dutch ports more attractive.

In line with a broad public-private partnership

The initiative for the Secure Chain is partly rooted in a broad public-private partnership for the Port of Rotterdam. This plan consolidates all goals and measures aimed at enhancing security in the port. Various government organisations (Police, Public Prosecution Service, Customs, Fiscal Information and Investigation Service, Municipal government, Tax Authorities, Harbour Master of Rotterdam) and the private sector (Port of Rotterdam Authority, Deltalinqs and individual companies) have been working closely together within the framework of the Implementation Agenda for a number of years already.

The Implementation Agenda focuses on a wide range of topics. From ethical conduct to secure access to container terminals, from combating cybercrime to tackling criminal financial flows.

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