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MSC: ‘The Secure Chain is the new, reliable standard’

As a market leader, shipping line MSC is expeditiously working on the introduction of the Secure Chain in Rotterdam. “Security is an aspect on which no party in the logistics chain should want to compete or make concessions. The Secure Chain offers a clear solution that functions identically for all parties involved. PIN codes will become a thing of the past.”

“Security is a shared responsibility. Throughout the entire chain, parties must be able to work together with confidence. From the starting point to a driver who delivers the container to a warehouse. At MSC, we are currently in the process of connecting our customers to the Secure Chain. By explaining the underlying reasons, they generally understand the need for a different, secure operational approach.”

‘The Secure Chain allows for secure operations in all links’

“As an employer, we consider it our duty to guarantee a secure working environment for our employees. For that reason, we already started internally shielding sensitive information such as PIN codes some time ago. Our people simply do not have access to this information. The Secure Chain is a follow-up to this and allows for secure operations in all subsequent links as well.”

“The Secure Chain works via the Port Community System of Portbase. This ensures efficiency, clarity and speed. It is one single platform for the entire port logistics community. Companies that use multiple shipping lines do not need to continuously log in to different parties. Of course, the new operational approach requires adjustments from our customers and their underlying chains. Processes will change. In our experience, everything runs smoothly once our customers are familiar with how the Secure Chain works.”

‘Together, we make the port logistics chains more secure for everyone’

“The Secure Chain is the new, reliable standard. There is no way back. Since 31 March 2024, all containers arriving in Rotterdam on liner services from Latin America have gone via the Secure Chain. The focus is now on containerised cargo from North America. If a customer wishes to switch to the Secure Chain for all their sailing areas at once, we can accommodate that as well. Companies themselves must decide what works best for them. My advice: Join! Together, we make the port logistics chains more secure for everyone through the Secure Chain.” 

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