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Container terminals in Rotterdam to commence verification operating carrier – Five major terminal operators in the port of Rotterdam will check at the gate whether the inland operator that comes to collect a container – the operating carrier – matches the inland operator as specified in the digital pre-notification via the Port Community System of Portbase. This automatic verification is performed by comparing the EAN number in the pre-notification submitted via the service Hinterland Container Notification with that on the CargoCard of the visiting driver.

This ensures that the driver actually works for the inland operator listed in the pre-notification. EAN numbers are issued by Secure Logistics.

The terminals in question see the verification as a logical part of the Secure Chain. In the Secure Chain, the business community and authorities work together to make the release and collection of containers in the Dutch ports more secure and reliable. The verification of the operating carrier completes the process.

The five terminal operators in question are Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam, Hutchison Ports Delta II, APM Terminals Maasvlakte II, Rotterdam World Gateway and Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals. At Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam, the verification of the operating carrier has already been partially implemented via TAR-RCI. The other terminal operators are individually preparing for the introduction. The required adjustments to systems and procedures will be implemented in the course of 2024.

Within the Dutch Association for Transport and Logistics (Transport en Logistiek Nederland, TLN), the Alliance of Sea Container Carriers (Alliantie Zeecontainervervoerders, AZV) welcomes the decision of the terminals. “The verification of the operating carrier at the gate is a crucial step to achieve a more secure and reliable release and collection of containers. We realise that the measure requires extra effort on the part of the carriers as well, but it is the way to make the operation of the Secure Chain completely watertight.”

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