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Inland operator

Automatically part of your pre-notification

The Secure Chain applies to the collection of import containers by truck, train and barge. Your customer will notify you in advance of the moment their container will start being handled in the Secure Chain.

As an inland operator, you can very easily make use of the Secure Chain via the Portbase service Hinterland Container Notification (HCN). You are currently already using this service to pre-notify your visit and containers at the terminals.

When submitting your pre-notification, the terminal can automatically see that the container in question is part of the Secure Chain. Consequently, no PIN code is required for collection.

How it works

Pre-notifications that run through the Secure Chain are automatically at your disposal in the Portbase service Hinterland Container Notification (HCN). The only thing you need to do is finalise this pre-notification. You can also transfer the authorisation to collect a container to another road, rail or barge inland operator via HCN. This party will then arrange the pre-notification and collect the container.

Please note: ECT Delta terminal and ECT Euromax terminal verify at the gate whether the operating carrier matches the carrier specified in the pre-notification. Hutchison Ports Delta II, APM Terminals Maasvlakte II, Rotterdam World Gateway and Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals will also introduce this during 2024. This check is done by comparing the EAN number in the carrier’s pre-notification with that on the CargoCard of the visiting driver. This ensures that the right driver is always granted access.

Also via API interfaces

More information on how the service HCN works for the Secure Chain is available on the website of Portbase. For participation in the Secure Chain, API interfaces are available for road, rail and barge inland operators as well. Read here how you can expand your existing API interfaces for this.

The benefits at a glance

Benefits for the inland operator

Important to know

If you work for multiple customers as a inland operator, please note that each customer might be connected to the Secure Chain at a different time.

Are you accustomed to using Hinterland Container Notification via an API interface but is the extension for the Secure Chain not yet ready? Then you can temporarily work manually via the web.

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