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Who is who in the Secure Chain

A large number of parties have joined forces for the Secure Chain. Together, they endeavour to boost the digital resilience of port logistics. Combined, the initiating parties represent all the links in the logistics chain: from the terminal, shipper and forwarder to the logistics service provider and inland operator (truck, train, barge).

The Port of Rotterdam Authority, the Municipality of Rotterdam, Dutch Customs, Seaport Police and various semi-public organisations also support the Secure Chain.

In addition to further enhancing the resilience of the port logistics chains, the Secure Chain also yields operational advantages. For example, participants benefit from the smart reuse of data and gain optimal insight into the status and planning of import containers throughout the entire chain.



The interest group for companies in the port of Rotterdam


The association of Dutch trading and production companies with a logistics operation


The Dutch organisation for forwarding and logistics

GroentenFruit Huis

The interest group for companies active in the marketing of fruit and vegetables


The neutral logistics platform for the Dutch ports


Information agency whose mission is to promote rail freight transport among modality decision-makers


The industry organisation for the transport and logistics sector

VITO Netherlands

The association of Dutch inland terminal operators


The association of Rotterdam shipbrokers


The interest group for Rotterdam terminal operators

Collaborating parties

These organisations from the (semi) public sector have confirmed their support for the Secure Chain:


The organisation for cyber resilience in the port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam Authority

The manager, operator and developer of the Rotterdam port and industrial area

Municipality of Rotterdam

Dutch Customs

Secure Logistics

The organisation for secure identity and access solutions

Seaport police

Made possible in part by

The Secure Chain is made possible in part by the Implementation Agenda for the Port of Rotterdam, National Growth Fund / Digital Infrastructure Logistics and Port of Rotterdam Authority.

These ship agents are participating

These terminals are participating

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