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Securely receive your releases digitally 

The Secure Chain works in a very straightforward manner for you. From now on, the shipping line/ship agent will securely send you the release for the collection of your deepsea import container digitally. This is done via the Port Community System of Portbase. You will no longer receive an email with a PIN code. As a shipper, there are two options:

  • You handle the cargo yourself. You use Portbase again to transfer the release to collect the container to your road carrier or rail or barge operator.
  • A forwarder or logistics service provider handles the cargo on your behalf. You use Portbase to transfer the release received from the shipping line/ship agent to this party. In turn, the forwarder/logistics service provider transfers the release to the hinterland inland operator.

Both options result in a closed release and collection process of import containers that solely comprises authorised and familiar parties.

What you need to do beforehand

Before you can operate using the Secure Chain as a shipper, the following is required:

1. Sign up for the Portbase service Cargo Controller or Cargo Release Manager 

In order to digitally receive the release for your import container, you need the service Cargo Controller (paid, with more expansive options) or the basic service Cargo Release Manager (free) of Portbase. Using the service of your choice, you transfer the release to collect a container to the subsequent link.

If you want to make use of a system interface, then Cargo Controller is the right solution. Read more about realising the required API interfaces here. The many options available within Cargo Controller offer you immediate value, even if you are not yet connected to the Secure Chain.

2. Inform your chain partners

Your chain partners also need to prepare themselves for the Secure Chain:

  • Do you handle the cargo yourself? Then you need to inform your inland operator (road, rail or barge) that your cargo wille be handled via the Secure Chain. All inland operators are already familiar with Portbase. They will automatically receive the release to collect a container as transferred by you in the service Hinterland Container Notification
  • Does a forwarder/logistics service provider handle the cargo on your behalf? To receive the release to collect a container from you and to transfer this, this party must also sign up for the Portbase service Cargo Controller or Cargo Release Manager. In turn, the forwarder/logistics service provider will inform the subsequent link.
  • Activate the Secure Chain. When you and your chain are ready for the Secure Chain, notify the shipping line/shipping agent of this. You do this in Cargo Controller or Cargo Release Manager. Here, you enter the customer code that was previously provided to you by the shipping line/shipping agent. From that moment on, the shipping line/shipping agent will start to route your import containers via the Secure Chain using the new, secure approach.

The benefits at a glance

Benefits for the shipper

Important to know

You will continue to receive all information from the shipping line/shipping agent about such matters as demurrage & detention, the return address for empty containers, the return reference and the terms & conditions in the usual way, but without the PIN code.

Do you book through multiple shipping lines/shipping agents? All major deepsea shipping lines that call at Rotterdam participate in the Secure Chain. However, their time of connection to the Secure Chain varies. Each shipping line/shipping agent will separately notify you about the start of the Secure Chain for your deepsea import containers. 

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