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You always know in advance who will collect the container

As a terminal, you will always receive the release from the shipping line/ ship agent for the import containers that run via the Secure Chain in a timely manner. This takes place via Portbase. When an inland operator (truck, train, barge) next pre-notifies a container via the Secure Chain, your terminal system will automatically make the right match.

Only authorised road hauliers and rail and barge operators are able to pre-notify in the Secure Chain. You always know in advance who will collect the container. A PIN code is no longer required for this. Via an automatic verification of the operating carrier at the gate, you ensure that only the right driver is granted access.

What you need to do beforehand

To receive the releases for import containers in the Secure Chain and make the automatic match with the pre-notifications from inland operators, you need to adjust your terminal system in consultation with Portbase.

Close links to terminal-initiated projects

The Secure Chain is closely linked to projects initiated by the terminals themselves. An example is the mandatory use of Remote Check In (RCI) at Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam because of the Secure Chain. Road inlands can only access the ECT Delta terminal and ECT Euromax terminal with a proper TAR/RCI. 

Verification of operating carrier at container terminals

Since the 1st of March, the ECT Delta terminal and the ECT Euromax terminal (both part of Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam) have been verifying at the gate whether the inland operator that comes to collect a container – the operating carrier – corresponds to the inland operator as specified in the digital pre-notification of the visit submitted via Portbase. Hutchison Ports Delta II, APM Terminals Maasvlakte II, Rotterdam World Gateway and Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals will also introduce this verification in the course of 2024.

All participating terminals see the verification of the operating carrier as a logical final step in the more secure and reliable release and collection of containers via the Secure Chain. The check is performed by comparing the EAN number in the pre-notification of the inland operator with that on the CargoCard of the visiting driver. This ensures that the correct driver is always granted access. The EAN numbers are issued by Secure Logistics.

The benefits at a glance

Benefits for the terminal

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