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Resilient port logistics

Via the secure chain, the business community and authorities are working together to digitally boost the resilience of the port logistics processes. Every initiative that contributes to this has our attention. The Secure Chain is a continuous improvement program. Depending on the topic, we take the lead ourselves from within the partnership, provide parties with input or offer them support in the realisation of projects.

The main objective of the Secure Chain is to make the release and collection of import containers in the Dutch port more secure and reliable. Most of the information on this website relates to this. Below, you can read about the other objectives that the Secure Chain aims to achieve.

Verification of operating carrier at container terminals

Since March 1, the ECT Delta terminal and the ECT Euromax terminal (both part of Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam) have been checking at the gate whether the carrier coming to pick up a container – the executing carrier – matches the carrier announced in the digital pre-notification of the visit via Portbase. Hutchison Ports Delta II, APM Terminals Maasvlakte II, Rotterdam World Gateway and Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals are also implementing this during 2024.

The participating terminals see inland operator control as a logical final step in safer and more reliable container release and collection through the Secure Chain.This check is performed by comparing the EAN number in the pre-notification of the inland operator with that on the CargoCard of the visiting driver. This ensures that the right driver is always granted access. These EAN numbers are issued by Secure Logistics.

More efficient and secure customs processes

Customs processes have a substantial impact on the operation of port logistics chains. From the Secure Chain, we provide Customs and the business community with input as to which processes can be made even more efficient and therefore secure.

An example is the (possible) support for the customs program Resilient Port Terminals. The initiatives of the Secure Chain to create closed chains with only familiar, authorised parties fit in seamlessly with projects that are part of this customs program, such as limiting the circle of involved parties when announcing inspections.

Partner initiatives

The Secure Chain has major similarities with projects initiated by partners:

Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam makes pre-notification via Remote Check In (RCI) mandatory for road carriers due to the Secure Chain.

Through the Securely Sharing Data Together program, Portbase is working on, among other things, creating secure identities and further enhancing the secure use of the Port Community System (PCS).

Have an idea?

The partnership for the Secure Chain is always looking for ways to add value in terms of boosting the resilience of port logistics processes. Do you have an idea? Let us know!

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