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Implementation of Secure Chain in full swing – The Secure Chain is a new digital import container release process. This is because the existing container import process no longer meets the desired standards for physical and digital security. After a successful practical test, work is now in full swing on implementation.

The Secure Chain has been developed for shipping lines/shipagents, shippers, forwarders and inland operators. The process ensures that all parties in Rotterdam’s port community are able to operate more efficiently and stimulates cooperation between these chain parties. Furthermore, this system contributes to safeguarding the security of port-related distribution processes.

Changes on the way

Are you a shipper, inland operator or forwarder involved in importing containers through the Port of Rotterdam? If so, things are about to change for you practically. In the Secure Chain, parties must explicitly pass on the right to collect a container (the release) to the next link in the chain. This is done in the Port Community System, Portbase’s digital platform. As a result, the current ‘key’ in the form of a PIN code will be dropped. Only involved, authorised parties can still perform actions and view confidential data.

Phased roll-out

In recent months, the operation of the Secure Chain was first successfully tested in practice. The Rotterdam port community then started the phased roll-out of the Secure Chain. This means that more and more parties involved in importing containers have adapted their working methods – and sometimes their systems – to the new Secure Chain process.

Most shipping lines active with Secure Chain

Currently, more than 10,000 containers have already been released through the new digital import container release process. Most shipping lines are already working with the Secure Chain or are in the testing phase. Some 250 carriers have now picked up containers processed through the Secure Chain and some 150 forwarders are already working with it as well.

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