What are the costs of the Secure Chain for users? - Vertrouwensketen

What are the costs of the Secure Chain for users?

The technical implementation of the Secure Chain runs via the Port Community System of Portbase. A large number of logistics service providers and inland operators already make use of Portbase’s services. For these existing services, they pay a subscription and a usage fee, both based on cost recovery. For the release and collection of containers via the Secure Chain, Portbase has expanded the relevant service provision in a cost-neutral manner by means of an extra authorisation layer. A new basic service is available for parties that are new to Portbase – and that only need to receive the release from the ship agent/shipping line and directly pass on this authorisation to a subsequent link. This service can be used free of charge. Please contact Portbase for more information. A company only incurs costs for the services of the own software supplier should an API interface be required.

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