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Together, we make our logistics more secure

A more secure and reliable collection of import containers. The Secure Chain is actively pursuing this. As the logistics chain, together we create a closed release and collection process that solely involves authorised parties. PIN codes will be eliminated.

The Secure Chain is a joint initiative of the authorities and the business community for digitally boosting the resilience of the port logistics chains. The secure and reliable release and collection of import containers in the Dutch ports is an important part of that. The Secure Chain will first be implemented in Rotterdam. The process is straightforward, but does require a new operational approach for each link. All parties need to take action.

Since 31 March, the Secure Chain in Rotterdam has been practice for all import containers from Latin America. Now the roll-out continues!

This is how the Secure Chain works

In the Secure Chain, a closed chain is created from the shipping line/shipagent via the shipper/forwarder and the inland operator (truck, train barge) that solely comprises authorised parties. These parties securely exchange ‘need-to-know’ data with one another. The use of PIN codes, which are susceptible to fraud, is eliminated. Only a inland operator that has been authorised via the Secure Chain is able to pre-notify its arrival at the terminal and collect the container there. 

Each link has its own role to play 

Shipping line/Ship agent

In the Secure Chain, you digitally send the release for the collection of an import container to your customer (the forwarder/shipper).

These shipping companies are participating: CMA CGM, COSCO Shipping, Evergreen, HMM, Maersk, MSC, ONE, OOCL, Yang Ming and ZIM. Ook Hapag-Lloyd and Marfret decided to start using the Secure Chain as well.


As a shipper (the so-called release-to-party), you digitally receive the release to collect the import container from the shipping line/shipping agent in the Secure Chain. You transfer this authorisation to the next link (your forwarder or the inland operator).


In the Secure Chain, you digitally receive the release to collect an import container either directly from the shipping line/shipping agent (as the so-called release-to-party) or from the shipper. You transfer this authorisation to the next link (a different forwarder or the transport operator).

Inland operator

Truck, train and barge

In the Secure Chain, you digitally receive the authorisation to collect an import container from the shipper or forwarder. You next submit the pre-notification to the terminal and collect the container or transfer this authorisation to another inland operator. 


In the Secure Chain, only authorised inland operators are able to submit pre-notifications to your terminal. You always know who is coming to collect the import container.

Software supplier

As a software supplier, you make it possible for each link in the Secure Chain to automate their operations. By means of API interfaces, you realise and optimal link-up for your customers. 

Latest news from the Secure Chain

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    2 April 2024

    Press release: No more PIN codes for container cargo from Latin America

    1st phase of introduction Secure Chain in Rotterdam now completed From now on, all participating shipping lines will only securely and reliably release import containers arriving in Rotterdam from Latin America via the Secure Chain. As of the 31st of March, customers of CMA CGM, COSCO Shipping, Maersk, MSC, ONE, OOCL and ZIM will no […]

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  • News
    27 March 2024

    Newsletter: Are you ready for 31 March?

    As of 31 March 2024, participating shipping lines/ship agents in Rotterdam will only release incoming container cargo from Latin America securely and reliably via the Secure Chain. Are you ready for this in your capacity as a shipper, forwarder or inland operator? The shipping lines/ship agents will no longer issue PIN codes for cargo from […]

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  • Events
    25 March 2024

    Join the live demo: Portbase services for the Secure Chain

    What is changing in the process of releasing and collecting import containers at the Port of Rotterdam and what does this mean for you in concrete terms? Portbase is organising several live demos (in English) for: This explains Portbase’s role in the Secure Chain, how the Portbase services work and how you can connect to […]

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  • Participation
    22 March 2024

    Containers Hapag-Lloyd and Marfret also handled via Secure Chain

    To facilitate the secure and reliable release of import containers in the port of Rotterdam, Hapag-Lloyd is switching from the use of Secure Container Release (SCR) to the Secure Chain. Marfret has decided to start using the Secure Chain as well. Both shipping lines will inform their customers in more detail about this in the coming weeks.

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The Secure Chain in figures

15 April 2024

Inland operators
Shipping lines

Easily connect

The Secure Chain works via the services in the Port Community System of Portbase. For more than twenty years already, most data exchange in the port logistics chains has securely and reliably been running through this neutral logistics platform for the Dutch ports.

Portbase has added an additional authorisation layer to various services to facilitate the Secure Chain. This means an adjustment for existing customers. Shippers/forwarders who are new to Portbase can connect to a paid service that offers extensive options, or to a free service. Want to see how the solution works? Click here to join the live demo.

Target groupPortbase service
Shipping lines/Ship agentsCargo Declaration Import
Shippers/ForwardersCargo Controller, Cargo Release Manager
Inland operators Hinterland Container Notification
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